Magick Alphabet

F is for Fairies

When we think of fairies, our first thought is often times of Tinkerbelle. A tiny little sprite with wings. Fairies are often believed to be friendly little winged creatures that possess supernatural powers.

In folklore, fairies are defined as mystical beings that have the power to do good and evil. In fairy folklore, fairies are mischievous. Fairies date back as far as Greek mythology where they were referred to as Nymphs, protectors of Mother Nature.

Some fairies are graceful and beautiful and others are hard to look at and hideous. Traditionally they are depicted as tiny, delicate humanoids with wings. Easily offended, their moods often change at the flutter of their wings.

Some say to never trust the fae. What’s your opinion of fairies? Do you believe they exist? Do some inhabit your garden?

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