Magick Alphabet

H is for Healer

Healers come from all walks of life, religion and places on the globe. Their practices are all different but share one thing in common: to heal. Some healers work with herbs 🌿 others with crystals 🪨 and others with their own inherent powers or magick ✨

Examples of healers include folk healing from the Appalachia Mountain region, Japanese Reiki healers and hoodoo practitioners.

Healer can mean many different things. What does it mean to you? ✨

Magick Alphabet

G is for Grimoires

Grimoires are magical textbooks or a book of spells whose name originated in ancient Europe. Grimoires are a place to save your instructions to create magickal objects (like talismans and amulets), how to perform rituals, spells and divination. Grimoires are also books that show how to summon and invoke spirits and entities like angels and demons.

The books themselves are filled with magickal power and they are unique and sacred to the owner. Grimoires come in all shapes and sizes. Some are handmade while some are purchased and imbued with power. Some are more like a diary and some are more like a long list of ingredients.

Do you have a magickal grimoire or spell book?

Magick Alphabet

F is for Fairies

When we think of fairies, our first thought is often times of Tinkerbelle. A tiny little sprite with wings. Fairies are often believed to be friendly little winged creatures that possess supernatural powers.

In folklore, fairies are defined as mystical beings that have the power to do good and evil. In fairy folklore, fairies are mischievous. Fairies date back as far as Greek mythology where they were referred to as Nymphs, protectors of Mother Nature.

Some fairies are graceful and beautiful and others are hard to look at and hideous. Traditionally they are depicted as tiny, delicate humanoids with wings. Easily offended, their moods often change at the flutter of their wings.

Some say to never trust the fae. What’s your opinion of fairies? Do you believe they exist? Do some inhabit your garden?

Magick Alphabet

E is for Eclipse

A total eclipse is what we see when the Earth’s shadow completely blocks the moon and it goes full dark for a period of time. Many times the moon looks red as the event takes place. This is what many people think of when they hear the words “lunar eclipse” and it has been an indication of major events in many cultures for a long time.

There are many mentions of eclipse in myths, legends and folklore.

Some practitioners see the eclipse period, which is generally pretty short, as being the equivalent of an entire lunar cycle packed into one brief event. In some modern magical traditions , a lunar eclipse is considered a sort of metaphysical bonus round – in other words, any spell work you do during this period is amplified and has a bit of extra power behind it.

Are you looking forward to the next eclipse?

Magick Alphabet

D is for Druids

Druid – a priest, magician, or soothsayer in Celtic tradition.

Druidism is a spiritual and/or religious movement that generally promotes harmony, connection and reverence for the natural world. This is commonly extended to include respect for all beings including the environment itself.

The core principle of Druidry is respect and veneration for nature. While Druid beliefs vary widely, some druids participate in ancestor veneration which is the appreciation and worship of ones ancestors. Druidic beliefs include that the natural world is imbued with spirit and thus they regard it as alive and dynamic.

Magick Alphabet

C is for Clairvoyant

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing” and this means offering the intuitive many opportunities to explore this sense.

Clairvoyant practice is not limited to the usual definition of predicting the future but many may claim to see the future have gifts in precognition or in retrocognition, which is seeing the past or even remote viewing.

This is known to be a psychic ability that allows a person to tap into the collective knowledge of all souls of the universe, including those of the past and those not manifested yet.

Crystal balls are an example of a way to perform clairvoyance.

Magick Alphabet

ABCs of Magick – Why?

I know what you’re thinking:

  • “Great, another alphabet book.”
  • “My kid already knows their ABCs.”
  • “How badly are witches going to be depicted now”

This book is meant for children but it’s also meant for their parents, guardians, loved ones and any person who feels a little witchy. We are little witches at some point in our journey.

This book was created in alphabet format for a few reasons:

  1. Some children are still learning their ABCs.
  2. It’s easier to learn things when they’re alphabetized.
  3. Alliteration reinforces the concepts on each page.
  4. It’s helpful to see all of the different paths when they are laid out in order.

This book was created with bright beautiful illustrations to help drive home the fact that witches and other practitioners of magick are bright and beautiful too and not scary and dark as depicted across most media. The drawings show that any one can be a practicer of magick regardless of sex, age, color of skin, etc. Magick is all inclusive and so is this book.

This book was created with a seek and find aspect built into each page. The children are searching for their cat, Stardust, on each page. This allows for yet another thing to keep the reader engaged in the story.

I hope you enjoy this book and leave a comment below with any questions!

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