Magick Alphabet

B is for Broom

Have you heard of the myth of witches using brooms to fly? There’s a reason for that but brooms significance has nothing to do with flying. Brooms are known to be mainly used for clearing away negative energy ahead of a ritual.

Brooms are also known as besoms. Brooms symbolically represent protection or it can be used in everyday household cleansing rituals. The broom being a symbol of the feminine and the masculine, it’s other properties of protection make it perfect as an ongoing source of spiritual protection.

Is a broom part of your witchy practice?

Magick Alphabet

A is for Altar

Altars are used commonly but vary from practice/religion to practice/religion. We use altars as a physical representation of ones practice. This is a powerful tool for a witch to utilize as it houses your magickal space. Altars can also be seen as a sacred space for you to harness and access powerful source energies, the gods, ancestors and the rest of the spirit world and even our own higher self!

What’s on your altar?

On my own personal altar I have many crystals, objects that represent the four elements – air, fire, water and earth as well as candles, tarot cards, etc.

Magick Alphabet

ABCs of Magick – Why?

I know what you’re thinking:

  • “Great, another alphabet book.”
  • “My kid already knows their ABCs.”
  • “How badly are witches going to be depicted now”

This book is meant for children but it’s also meant for their parents, guardians, loved ones and any person who feels a little witchy. We are little witches at some point in our journey.

This book was created in alphabet format for a few reasons:

  1. Some children are still learning their ABCs.
  2. It’s easier to learn things when they’re alphabetized.
  3. Alliteration reinforces the concepts on each page.
  4. It’s helpful to see all of the different paths when they are laid out in order.

This book was created with bright beautiful illustrations to help drive home the fact that witches and other practitioners of magick are bright and beautiful too and not scary and dark as depicted across most media. The drawings show that any one can be a practicer of magick regardless of sex, age, color of skin, etc. Magick is all inclusive and so is this book.

This book was created with a seek and find aspect built into each page. The children are searching for their cat, Stardust, on each page. This allows for yet another thing to keep the reader engaged in the story.

I hope you enjoy this book and leave a comment below with any questions!

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