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T is for Tarot

Tarot cards have been used for divination purposes since the 18th century with existence of cards dating back to the 15th century. There are 78 cards in a tarot deck – including 22 major arcana cards and 56 minors. Just like in a deck of regular playing cards there are 4 suits and face cards. The three most common tarot card styles are the Rider-Waite-Smith, the Marseille, and the Thoth decks.

Today there are thousands of different and modern decks being created including some that revolve entirely around plants, moon cycles and even cats! Many are based on Rider-Waite-Smith, the Marseille, and the Thoth decks.

Examples of major cards include: The Empress, The Lovers, Death and The Sun. Each card has its own meanings. Cards can be interpreted to mean different things based on the reader, the spread of the cards, the orientation of the card, etc.

Tarot can be a large part of your magickal practice. It’s a huge part of mine. What deck are you using?

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Little Witch Info

30 Quotes about Witchcraft and Magick

Here are a few handpicked quotes about witchcraft and magick that I hope you’ll enjoy. You’ve probably seen a witchcraft quote or two that you have felt connected to.

One of my favorites is “The day I decided that my life was magical there was suddenly magic all around me.” – Marabeth Quin

I hope you find a witchy quote below you connect with.

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Witchcraft is about living to the heights and depths of life as a way of worship.

Ly De Angelesp

Love for life in all its forms is the basic ethic of witchcraft.

Dacha Avelin

Part of the process of witchcraft is finding our power, seeing where we can apply our energy and agency in order to make change.

Amanda Yates Garcia

I believe that witchcraft is just a method of obtaining your own personal power by combining the elements and channeling your higher self.

Sara Kassouf

Witchcraft was hung, in history, but history and I find all the witchcraft that we need around us, every day.

Emily Dickinson

The witch knows nothing in the world is supernatural. It is all natural.

Laurie Cabot

The first time I called myself a ‘witch’ was the most magickal moment of my life.

Margot Adler

There’s a little witch in all of us.

Practical Magic

You can’t tame the spirit of someone who has magick in their veins.

Look closely child with curious eyes…for magick lives within the wild.

You’d think they’d never seen a girl and a cat on a broom before.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

I think all women are witches, in the sense that a witch is a magical being.

Yoko Ono

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween.

Come little children, I’ll take thee away, into a land of Enchantment. Come little children, the time’s come to play, here in my garden of magic.

Hocus Pocus

Everyone deserves a chance to fly.


There is no magic when one no longer believes.

Hilda Lewis

For all you know, a witch may be living next door to you right now.

Roald Dahl
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Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Roald Dahl

You have witchcraft in your lips.

William Shakespeare

A witch ought never be frightened in the darkest forest because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.

Terry Pratchett

Never put your faith in a Prince. When you require a miracle, trust in a witch.

Catherine M. Valente

Witches exist throughout space and time.

Amanda Yates Garcia

“Witches don’t look like anything. Witches are. Witches do.”

Franny Billingsley

Relax, it’s only magic.

The Craft

She ate the stars and swallowed the earth. She is the girl with all the power.

Zoraida Córdova

Always trust your inner goddess.

She was devoted to the moon. In its darkness she found comfort and in its light she found hope

Wild Woman Sisterhood

My religion speaks of the old ways. It is the perfume of my night, the sanctity of my day.

Karla Bardanza

Remember, your words can plant gardens or burn whole forests down

Gemma Troy

You say witch like it’s a bad thing.

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Magick Alphabet

S is for Samhain

Samhain is a Gaelic festival that marks the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter. It begins on the evening of October 31 and ends the evening of November 1. It is widely observed in Ireland and Scotland but has now spread an includes neopagans and wiccans. Samhain originated as far back as the 9th century.

Samhain celebrations include lighting of bonfires, feasting and divination. Ancestors are honored more prominently during this holiday as well.

Samhain and Halloween are close in timing but are two very different celebrations. Halloween is always on October 31 whereas Samhain is the middle date between the fall equinox and the winter solstice. The thread which has run continually through both Samhain and Halloween is a connection to the dead and the supernatural. That connection was thought to be made possible by the thinning of the veil between worlds, which was at its thinnest at Samhain.

Samhain is pronounced a few different ways. Let us know how you say it in the comments 😉

Magick Alphabet

N is for Necronomicon

Many people still believe the Necronomicon to be real, but it’s actually a work of fiction. Created my H.P. Lovecraft, the Necronomicon is a fictional grimoire often referred to as the Book of the Dead. It is referenced many times in Lovecraft’s books including it’s first appearance in the book “The Hound” in 1924.

The book contains the details regarding The Old Ones, their history and how to summon them. An example of an Old One would be Cthulhu. It is described as being a leather bound book with metal clasps. It is a substantial text boasting over 700 pages. It has been referenced in many movies, books and television shows.

What’s your opinion of this magickal grimoire?

Magick Alphabet

M is for Magick

That’s magick with a K. Magick was first coined by Aleister Crowley. It was created as a way to differentiate between stage magic and otherworldly magick.

A fairly common explanation of magick is that it is a method of transforming the physical world through metaphysical means by employing ritual action. The practice of magick is to raise and direct energy to fulfill your intentions. One can do this through rituals, prayers, practice, meditation, etc.

There’s many different kinds of magick. There’s candle magick, altar magick, moon magick, green magick, etc.

What is your favorite? What does magick mean to you?

Magick Alphabet

A is for Altar

Altars are used commonly but vary from practice/religion to practice/religion. We use altars as a physical representation of ones practice. This is a powerful tool for a witch to utilize as it houses your magickal space. Altars can also be seen as a sacred space for you to harness and access powerful source energies, the gods, ancestors and the rest of the spirit world and even our own higher self!

What’s on your altar?

On my own personal altar I have many crystals, objects that represent the four elements – air, fire, water and earth as well as candles, tarot cards, etc.